Commersald spa

KOY consumable materials involve welding products, braze welding, welding carry overs and other complements.

All our products are subjected to an attentive quality control, consistent with our company quality system certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The KOY branded sales plan is divided into 3 commercial lines:

Golden Line - GL

Special materials for universal use welding, characterized by great reliability and mainly designed for maintenance intervention.


Technical Range - GT

Consumables for high quality welding, for special use.


Commercial Range - MY

Consumables for quality welding for standard use.



Commersald is the first commercial company of this sector having obtained the UNI ES ISO 9001:2015 quality certification. A major result which allows us to achieve two essential objectives: the recognition of our working procedures’ efficiency made by an accredited external body and the complete traceability of products from the suppliers up to the final consumers, which means fast and focused technical assistance.

Commersald 360° assistance

Our technical support is always ready to help the consumer, before and after each purchase.

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