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Cobalt Alloys as filler material for plungers in the glass industry

Glass Sector

When it comes to glass, the first thing that pops to mind is definitely the finished product. We are therefore talking about bottles and glasses for food and beverage, perfume bottles, pharmaceutical and injectable containers and so on.

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P.T.A. Microwelding

P.T.A. Microwelding, l'innovativo sistema per ridurre le dimensioni dell'area saldata ottenendo cordoni lineari non oscillati e altamente estetici. Utilizzando l'attrezzatura Robo Standard e montando uno speciale ugello, si modificano i parametri di saldatura velocizzando il processo e riducendo notevolmente la quantità di polvere e lo strato penetrato.

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Commersald new catalogue for maintenance products

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