welding consumables: wires, electrods, rods, powders

Commersald is the italian leader supplier for welding consumables: wires, electrods, rods, powders and other complementary products. The best welding consumables worldwide selected, guaranteed by KOY brand only after exceeding severe quality tests.

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  PTA welding process - Plasma Transferred Arc

Commersald Impianti is a leading Company specialized in production of welding machines, robotized equipments and other high technology components based on PTA - Plasma Transferred Arc and Multiclad process, with big quality advantages in comparison with other traditional welding methods.




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P.T.A. Microwelding


P.T.A. Microwelding, the innovative system to reduce the welded area dimensions obtaining highly aesthetic linear not-oscillated beads. Working on the standard Robo equipment and using a special nozzle, adjusting the welding parameters you will obtain a much faster process reducing the powder quantity and the thickness layer.

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Commersald new catalogue for maintenance products


Is available on-line the new catalogue of welding consumables for maintenance

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Robonext - PTA automatic equipment for plungers in glass industry


Robonext is an innovative PTA equipment for welding of Blow-Blow, Press and Blow and NNPB glassware plungers. The machine has an integrated automatic loading and unloading system. Thanks to an optimal control of the welding pool guaranteed by the new performing nozzles designed specifically for this application, the deposit is carried out in a constant and optimized way, a penetration of a few tenths well anchored which guarantees the typical advantages of the PTA process. Moreover - unlike traditional spraying systems - this system allows the deposition of higher performing alloys at high temperatures such as the Cobalt - Stellite alloys - with a much lower consumption of powder material.

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Commersald Group Company profile


Available on-line the new Company profile of Commersald SPA and Commersald impianti

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Nuova notizia


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Commersald on Youtube channel


Youtube channed dedicated to Commersald e Commersald Impianti tutorials and videos.

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