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The PTA welding machine 200A and 300A are supplied with welding torch, powder feeder and remote control panel. The main features of our welding machines are the high temperature of the plasma arc and its concentration that allows to obtain a very high deposit rate, keeping a deposit metallurgical quality very similar to the TIG process.



The PTA welding machine PTA200i uses the P.T.A. technology for cladding and hardfacing with metallic powder superalloys.
The flexibility of the system allows to make single pass welding on layers with thicknesses from 1 to 6 mm and hardfacing layers from 0,5 to 5,0 mm, max 40 mm wide.


The main features of PTA200i are the high temperature of the Plasma Arc and its concentration that allow to obtain a very high deposition speed, till 3,5 kg/h.

The welding machine is supplied complete of:
• welding torch YZR250 for working a 200A in continuous for automatic welding and hardfacing (125A torches for automatic or manual welding and internal torches available on demand)
• Standard powder feeder, capacity 6kg and delivery 0.5 - 3 kg/h



PDF documentation

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