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Koy Clean Plus, the new inverter machines for pickling, polishing and passivation of weldings

Koy Clean Plus is the professional pickling, passivation and polishing system designed for companies that need high productivity, the ideal solution for the instant ecological treatment of TIG, TIG welds with material addition, MIG / MAG, MIG pulsed arc, laser, resistance, orbital, plasma.

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Article on GlassMachinery magazine - P.T.A. welding on plungers for the glass Industry and the use of Cobalt powders

GlassMachinery Plants&Accessories magazine publishes an article interview televant to the study of Commersald impianti P.T.A. (Plasma Transferred Arc) welding with powder on blow Blow, Press Blow and NNPB plungers for the glass Industry. In particular focuses the attention on the process with Cobalt base powders and its several advantages in terms of performances.


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Commersald Spa - Emergency communication Corona Virus

For reasons of transparency with our customers, it is our precaution to inform you that our production and logistics activities are in full swing, that our purchasing offices operate entirely without experiencing problems in finding material and that the transporters to whom we entrust the goods have no restrictions on collect at our facility and in circulating freely, confirming all the withdrawals of the next few days to the whole Italian territory.

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The laser cladding of Commersald Impianti

Among the multiple applications of laser technology, cladding is emerging due to its high metallurgical quality, the limited heat input to the piece and the mixing contained to a minimum with the base material.
The deposits are perfectly anchored and the melting of the base metal is so limited that the analysis and characteristics of the filler metal are practically unchanged even in the area adjacent to the interface.
Under these conditions, the deformation of the pieces is almost zero. Often the piece can be welded without pre-heating even in the presence of hard or brittle filler alloys.
The high cooling rate of the weld beads also determines a fine grain structure of the deposit.

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Samuexpo 2020 - Pordenone, Italy 06.02.2020-08.02.2020

Commersald will be present at SamuExpo 2020, Pordenone/Italy from 06 to 08 February 2018, reference trade show in the tools and technology sector for metal workings, mechanical and robotics. Come to visit us at Hall 3 booth 10, we are waiting for you!!

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Monitoring kit - welding coordinators

The kit for controls made by COMMERSALD SPA is contained within a rigid case and includes all the instruments necessary to perform an accurate direct visual examination according to the requirements of the UNI EN 17637: 2011 standard.

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IVS 2019 - Bergamo Italy, May 22-23

IVS - Industrial Valves summit is the meeting point for buyers and suppliers of valves technology and flow control solutions.
The event was created to attract the entire supply chain of the valve industry and will be held every two years.
Commersald Impianti will be present with its staff at booth 100 to update on last cladding solutions.
See you there!

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Robonext - PTA automatic equipment for plungers in glass industry

Robonext is an innovative PTA equipment for welding of Blow-Blow, Press and Blow and NNPB glassware plungers. The machine has an integrated automatic loading and unloading system. Thanks to an optimal control of the welding pool guaranteed by the new performing nozzles designed specifically for this application, the deposit is carried out in a constant and optimized way, a penetration of a few tenths well anchored which guarantees the typical advantages of the PTA process. Moreover - unlike traditional spraying systems - this system allows the deposition of higher performing alloys at high temperatures such as the Cobalt - Stellite alloys - with a much lower consumption of powder material.

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Valve World Expo, Dusseldorf Germany, 27-29 November 2018

Commersald Impianti srl will be present in Dusseldorf, Germany, 27-29 November 2018 in VALVE WORLD EXPO, the biannual conference - exhibition in flow control sector, that is now at 11th edition.We wait for you hall 4 booth B14 with our latest news concerning PTA cladding with powder superalloys.

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Glasstec, Dusseldorf Germany, 23-26 October 2018

Commersald Impianti srl will be present at Glasstec, the worldwide trade show for the Glass Industry in Dusseldorf, Germany, 23-26 October 2018. Come to visit us at Hall 13 booth A 03, where we will present our latest news concerning P.T.A. powder hardfacing on moulds, plungers and other accessories.

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Nuova notizia

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Portable ovens for electrodes and new plasma cutting machines

Commersald SpA is selling a new range of portable irradiate heat ovens for electrodes with a uniform and effective heating. Practical and handy, robust structure to keep on hand in every workshop, they have a thermostat for temperature regulation and a 2 mt.long power cable.

We have also in range the new plasma cutting machines to cut without any deburring and deformation all conductive materials like Iron, Stainless steel, Alluminum, Copper, Brass etc.

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New OPTREL welding mask for any electric arc welding process

These digital welding masks are innovative designed and perform an auto-darkening system and shade preference adjustment. The range is composed by 3 types of mask, the more economic 550, the 684 that adjusts the protection level to the welding type of process, the Panoramax. These two last types are combinable with powered air purifyng respirator E300. A new energetic concept, confort and perfect protection for the eyes.

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SamuExpo 2018, Pordenone/Italy 01.02.2018 - 03.02.2018

Commersald will be present at SamuExpo 2018, Pordenone/Italy from 01 to 03 February 2018, reference trade show in the tools and technology sector for metal workings, mechanical and robotics. Come to visit us at Pad.9 booth stand 19B, we are waiting for you!!

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Schweissen und Schneiden 2017 - Dusseldorf Germany, 25-29 September

Commersald will be present at 2017 edition of Schweissen & Schneiden exhibition - pad. 12 stand G75 - Dusseldorf Messe, Germany. At or booth you will find our welding consumables range, different cladded samples and a complete Plasma Transferred Arc R650H equipment that will perform induction pre-heating and powder hard-facing on different pieces.

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Download the Technical Data Sheets and SDS from website

We are pleased to inform you that we have changed the restricted area of our site. Follow the instructions below to view safety data sheets / data sheets / certificates.
Click on the “restricted area” in the top right hand corner.

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P.T.A. Microwelding

P.T.A. Microwelding, the innovative system to reduce the welded area dimensions obtaining highly aesthetic linear not-oscillated beads. Working on the standard Robo equipment and using a special nozzle, adjusting the welding parameters you will obtain a much faster process reducing the powder quantity and the thickness layer.

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Bicompound solutions against wear and abrasion

Against wear and abrasion phenomena that involve rapid degradation of the mechanical components or tools, Commersald has developed a new program of Bicompound solutions in support of industries that require innovative technologies.
Sheet metal, tubes and curved bimetallic parts with features of quality, absence of porosity, limited dilution and high content of carbides within the welded deposit.



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Glassman South America. Buenos Aires Argentina 29-30 March 2017

Commersald impianti srl will be present in Buenos Aires Argentina 29 and 30 March 2017 at the international exhibition Glassman South America where will show the last news concerning the Plasma Transferred Arc automatic systems.Come to visit us at our stand E13


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Valve World, 29 November - 01 December 2016, Dusseldorf Germany

Commersald Impianti srl will be in Dusseldorf from 29 November to 01 December 2016 at VALVE WORLD EXPO. Our technicians will wait for you at Hall 4 booth F11 with the last news concerning PTAW powder and wire cladding.  


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Cladding advanced technology in Oil & Gas sector

When the handcraft to clad is subjected to abrasive wear or to combined wear, the most widely used filler materials in the Oil & Gas sector are mainly Cobalt based alloys .
In the case of anti-corrosion cladding, in addition to the Inconel 625 alloy, are also used Inconel 825, stainless steels AISI 309 Mo, 316, Duplex etc.
In the attached brochure we wanted to compare the various techniques and the welding processes, evaluating the deposit rate and the percentage of iron, pointing out with particular emphasis the versatility and power of our Multiclad welding machines.

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